ACT, Inc knows metal store fixtures and it shows. Whether you are looking for table top sized display fixtures, freestanding floor fixtures, or a full wall display system with all the options we have you covered. Utilizing our facilities domestically as well as overseas we can provide the highest quality store fixtures at the most competitive prices available.

Metal fixtures and components are the lifeblood of the retail industry and by utilizing ACT, Inc. as your fixture supplier you can take advantage of our design and engineering services as well as our outstanding project management both here, in Mexico, and overseas. Our facilities produce high quality metal components and fixtures in virtually any material and finish imaginable and in any quantity.

When manufacturing offshore we are experts at minimizing the amount of container space required which insures that you are receiving the best pricing available without excessive transportation charges draining away profitability. We have also found that in many cases we can manufacture repeat product orders offshore and air freight them in for less than domestically sourced products while maintaining relatively short lead-times and outstanding quality.

Additionally, due to our ability to manufacture store fixtures and related products in different countries around the world we bring the option of migrating from domestic to offshore product as timelines allow so that you can benefit from both rapid development and delivery of fixtures utilizing domestic sources to ultimately receive the same quality product manufactured offshore to achieve significant savings.

Our ability to offer one stop shopping utilizing this blended costing model to the store fixture industries is one of the reasons that ACT, Inc. should be your first choice when you are searching for the ideal store fixture supplier.

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