ACT, Inc. can help you elevate your POP to the next level by providing low cost, high quality merchandise displays manufactured from high end materials as opposed to the cardboard based displays used by many retailers. Of course, there’s a market for that type of P.O.P. but doesn’t your product deserve to be displayed in a manner consistent with its image? Let us help you create POP displays that make your product “pop”!

Point of Purchase displays and fixtures have a single purpose and that is to drive your sales. To this end a well-conceived and properly executed design is critical in ensuring that your POP display achieves this important goal. Our experienced design staff will work closely with you and your staff to understand the objective of your specific fixture and then work closely with our engineering and manufacturing groups to ensure that your P•O•P displays and fixtures represent your product in the best possible light.

The options for POP displays are limited only by your imagination, we can custom design displays intended for one-time use as well as provide displays that will perform for years, you tell us what you need and ACT, Inc. will make it happen.

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