Our Customers

As Automated Cutting Technolgies, Inc. has grown we have not lost focus on our most valuable asset, our clients. Through the years, ACT, Inc has had the privilege of providing products and services to thousands of satisfied customers through direct sales as well as indirectly as a tier 2 supplier.

You can see our products, services, and craftsmanship on display in retail environments, dental and visions offices, hotels, sporting arenas and many other public areas throughout North and South America, Europe, Asia and Australia. Additionally there is much more of our product that you will never see because it is used to pack ordinance for the military, frame cockpits for aircraft, hold parts for automotive assembly lines, make crates transporting sensitive parts and much more.

We also take pride in the fact that we have and continue to successfully serve clients both locally and globally. While there is no challenge too large for ACT Inc., we still take delight being accessible to smaller companies and individuals that need some help making their projects come to life. There is nothing like watching a new client grow, knowing you had a part in helping them out.

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