Injection Molding

Injection molded parts can add significantly to the visual and functional aspects of your store fixtures so why utilize a standard or off the shelf product designed for someone else on your flagship product when we can provide you with a custom-made injection molded part that displays your product in the best way possible?


We take your design ideas and model them in 3D utilizing one of our software suites, once the design is finalized we will have the appropriate type of tool manufactured by one of our highly skilled partners who can produce anything from thousands to millions of parts in an impressive array of materials, finishes, and colors. It’s a cost-effective solution for those projects that you want to have stand out from the same boring and uninspiring designs utilized by everyone else. Store fixtures have a tough job to do- by providing injection molded store fixture components we can provide a variety of ways to make your products not only functional but stand outs in a crowd of me too products.

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