(2) Beam Saws: Both Rear and Front Load up to 5” 12’ x 12’ and a 5” book.

(5) CNC Routers: Diverse ability to cut parts in wood, metal and, plastics, including 3-D.

5’ x 21’ beds for cutting the largest sheet goods out there

Aggregates for fast clean miter folding

4-headed machines, which can cut like parts 4 times faster standard CNC Routers.

Dual tables to eliminate load / unload delays.

Point to Point: Cabinet Sides 4 to 10 times faster than standard CNC Routers.

(1) Laser: Cuts wood and plastics with polished edge, engraves / prints images into material

(2) Edgebanders: PVC, veneer, and solid wood edging up to 7/8” thick and 2-5/8” tall

(1) Molder: Create Custom Moldings, Baseboard, Crown etc.

(1) Laminating Line: High-Speed application of laminates to base material

(1) Finger Sander for fast efficient sanding of parts such as cabinet doors

(1) Wide belt sander, a must have for fast accurate sanding of flat panels

(1) 9 headed Profile Sander for sanding the most complex moldings to perfection

Support machines: Large array of saws, boring machines, lathes, jointers, planers, and sanders to complete any woodworking project

(2) Manual Paint Booths: Open-faced booths for hand painting woods, metals, and plastics

(1) UV Paint Line: Ability to utilize UV paints that cure in 4 minutes.

(1) Molding Sprayer: Automated molding spray line that can spray over 5,000 linear feet per hour.

(2) Profile Sanders: Automated sanding system for molding, raised panel doors, and profiled parts

(1) Custom paint and stain matching: Ability to custom match paints and stains in house

(1) 11,000ft² Room: for very large paint projects

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